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Ethical hair that empowers all!


Knowing the full story about exactly where their hair comes from is of paramount importance to sister co-founders of Emme Hair, Veronica and Maria.


Emme Hair is ethically sourced and manufactured in Europe in a beautiful factory where the working conditions are clean and safe.  The factory sources the hair from “hair brokers” who ethically purchase the hair directly from donors in small towns all around Europe. Most of these women range from ages 18 and 23.  They sell their hair in a fair exchange for currency and will often use the money they obtain from this transaction toward getting an education or seeking a career away from home. 


The sisters especially love the beautiful exchange between clients who need the hair to feel empowered and the women out there who need the funds to advance in life. Emme Hair does not shed or tangle as it is virgin human hair that has undergone very minimal chemical treatment. If quality is important to you then Emme Hair is the right brand of hair extensions for you.