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Nestled in the heart of Vancouver’s trendy Kitsilano area, come discover Emme Hair, an inspiring space that makes hair dreams come true.

We specialize in custom hair extension applications using our luxurious line; Emme Hair Extensions, made of 100% human hair. Come and experience firsthand the best variety and quality of hair extensions in Vancouver.  


Along with our hair extension services we offer a full service menu which includes haircuts , colour treatments and many other hair services.  Book your visit today and experience the most unforgettable salon treatments in Vancouver.


Our staff takes pride in customizing services that get at the heart of what each guest wants. With creativity, a sense of humour and a touch of rebelliousness, our Emme Hair team transforms even the smallest moments into special experiences.


Affinage is one of the fastest growing hair care brands in the world.  They originated as a line of permanent hair colour and has quickly expanded into an extensive portfolio of hair colour and styling products.  

We are proud to say that all Affinage Professional products sold at Emme Hair are vegan and cruelty-free and all Emme Hair extensions are ethically sourced and manufactured.


Emme Hair hairstylists work on a level system that is determined by self-identified goals, client demand, skill and education. Each level has specific criteria and in order to move up a level, each hairstylist must achieve certain goals and maintain them for three consecutive months.


As a hairstylist moves up a level, you will see a small increase in the costs of their services. This is reflective of the investment they have made in their professional development.