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Hair Extensions 101


We know that bobs are all the rage right now, but in our eyes, they don't hold a candle to long, thick, loose waves!  The good news is that you don't have to be genetically blessed to have the hair of your dreams. Many of the most sought-after hairstyles get help from extensions.  Welcome to Hair Extensions 101,  everything you need to know to have the hair of your dreams!


Tape-in hair extensions $$ (MUST BE APPLIED BY AN EMME HAIR PRO)

Ideal for fine to medium hair with strong roots and last about 6-8 weeks

This semipermanent method has taken the world by storm and has easily become one of our top  sellers.  They give long, full and lustrous hair in a short amount of time, and are available in a wide range of colours and lengths. Tape-in hair extensions are quick and easy to apply therefore making them one of the most economical choices of all our hair extensions.  They are applied by our #emmepros, sandwiching hair with 2 pieces of tape extensions at the root. With proper care and maintenance, tape-in hair extensions can be reused a few times.  If you are interested in getting a fresh set of Tape-ins please book an appointment with one of our skilled Emme Hair technicians.


Emme Strand hair extensions $$ (MUST BE APPLIED BY AN EMME HAIR PRO)

Ideal for fine hair with sensitive roots and last about 4-6 weeks

Our semipermanent signature Emme Strands will have your hair looking fabulously thick and natural all the time!  They have quickly become a guest favourite here at Emme Hair.  They are applied using metal silicone-lined rings which attach the tip of the Emme Strands to the hair root.  The metal rings allow for the hair to be reused over and over again. This is the most delicate of all the types of hair extensions that we offer and is ideal for fine hair.  If you are interested in getting a fresh set of Emme Strands please book an appointment with one of our skilled Emme Hair technicians.


Clip-in hair extensions $ (CAN BE APPLIED BY YOU OR AN EMME HAIR PRO)

Ideal for all hair types

These are the most versatile of all the hair extensions that we offer.  You can wear them one day and take them out the next, all by yourself!  They are for people who look for flexibility in their hair extensions. Clip-ins are a great way for your guests to take their hair matters into their own hands. These extensions add length and fullness to your hair in a matter of minutes and can be applied and removed as they please.  Just simply backcomb at the root, then clip and go! They are great for all hair types and can be reused over and over again. They are also a great way to add more fullness to any up-do style.


Braidless Weave hair extensions $$$ (MUST BE APPLIED BY AN EMME HAIR PRO)

Ideal for all hair types with strong roots and last about 8 weeks

Our beautiful semipermanent wefts are specially designed to be extra durable while still providing comfort.  These one of a kind wefts do not absorb moisture, making it easy to maintain and style. A single machine weft can completely transform your hairstyle longer and fuller.  For this method, a weft of hair is sewn onto a row of beads that is previously applied to the root of the hair from ear to ear.  If you are interested in getting a luxurious weft applied to your hair, please book a free consultation with one of our skilled Emme Hair technicians.


 The Rundown

Finding the right hair extension method for you will depend on your budget, preference, and hair type. While our Emme Strands and Clip-ins can be used by any hair texture, our Braidless weaves and tape-ins are best suited for strong, medium to thick hair.  If you have very fine and sensitive hair, the Emme Strands are great for you.  Clip-ins are the most cost effective option starting at $225 for 14".  Emme Strands and tape-ins are our mid-range priced extensions with a starting cost of $300 for minimal hair and our Braidless weaves cost a bit more at $650+.  Pricing for all extensions will depend greatly on the length you want (14", 16", 20") and the quantity (how much hair) you would like.  The best part is,  all of our hair extensions are reusable!  This means that you purchase the hair once and can reuse them over and over.  The life span of our hair is about 4-5 times and you will be obligate to come in for "touch-ups" every 6-8 weeks to freshen up your hair extensions. 


Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair

When it comes to purchasing hair, you get what you pay for.  Price will vary greatly based on quality of the hair, as well as the desired quantity (for thickness) and length.  Our hair is 100% human hair that is very minimally processed, therefore making it of the highest quality of hair extensions that you can get.  The hair cuticle is preserved, instead of stripped, and all the hairs run in the same direction, maintaining that natural soft, silky texture. Synthetic hair is much cheaper but won't blend or style the way human hair does.  This type of hair can't withstand heat styling and tangles very easily. 


Colour matching

It's important to match the colour of the hair extensions with that of your natural hair.  Our hair experts at Emme Hair can do this for you during a free consultation.  We can colour the hair extensions darker but no bleaching! It's best to choose the shade as close to your natural colour as possible to avoid over-processing.  You can also mix and match various shades for a more natural-looking blend.


How to Cut and Style

Good extensions should be entirely undetectable—blending your natural hair with the extension is so critical.  A great cut is always necessary after the extensions are in.  Our #emmepros have been trained to perfectly blend the hair extensions to match your hair.  They will cut dry and add layers that blend the two hair types together.  A professional Hairstylist should always cut the hair extensions for you.



Hair extensions should be cared for just like your natural hair.  Certain products need to be used for the hair extensions to maintain health and quality.  Your #emmepro will show you all the items you need to purchase for successful home haircare.  After washing, finger-dry fully them before using a brush to style. Avoid tugging or yanking at the extensions while brushing. Instead, hold hair at the root, and begin detangling starting at the ends.  Conditioner and oils will have to be kept away from the roots in order to prevent the beads, tape, or weave from slipping. At bedtime, you will have to put your hair in a loose braid so it doesn't get matted or tangled while you sleep. 


The Damage

If you follow all the instructions that we give you, the hair extensions will not damage your hair.  We will discuss all the risks with you before we begin the application of hair extensions just so we are on the same page!