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Our team takes great pride in customizing services that get at the heart of what each guest wants and needs. With creativity, experience and intensive training, our Emme Hair team transforms even the smallest moments into life changing experiences.  We offer 4 levels and an incredible collection of talented and highly skilled hairstylists that specialize in hair extension makeovers. 

Emme Hair hairstylists work on a level system that is determined by self-identified goals, client demand, skill and education. Each level has specific criteria and in order to promote, each hairstylist must achieve certain goals and maintain them. As your hairstylist gets promoted, you will see a small increase in the costs of services. This is reflective of the investment they have made in their professional development.

Which Hairstylist would you like to meet? 


VERONICA, Director

Veronica is one of our salon directors.  She began her career as a hairstylist in 2004 and very quickly made the salon her second home.  When she is not busy leading her team at the salon, she is enjoying time with her husband Mark and their 2 beautiful children Kingston and Naomi.  She began specializing in hair extensions in 2007 when her sister Maria lost most of her hair after pregnancy due to hormonal imbalance. This led Veronica and Maria to launching their own line of hair extensions in 2015 called Emme Hair.  They wanted to present tools which would empower people to create their most beautiful selves.  Veronica opened the doors to her first salon in 2016 and outgrew the space immediately which led to the birth of her Kitsilano location Emme Hair in 2018.  Veronica’s passion for mentoring and teaching other hairstylists is what keeps her motivated to continue to expand her team at Emme Hair. She is a very strong technical cutter and her colour skills are always evolving with the trends.  These are the skills that Veronica passes on to her motivated team of hairstylists. Veronica believes that the integrity of hair is always of paramount importance. She encourages her team to recommend hair styles and hair extension products that enable their guests to reach their hair goals and are easy to manage at home. Veronica especially enjoys teaching her team how to create long, gorgeous, and natural looking hairstyles using their own line of hair extensions, Emme Hair.  She ensures that Emme Hair offers the perfect salon experience from beginning to end to each and every guest.  She truly believes that it’s every woman’s right to create her own beauty and get pampered every day of the week!  


MARIA, Director


Maria has over a decade of experience working with Hair Extensions. She is the proud co-founder of Emme Hair.  Maria's experience with hair loss is what inspired her sister Veronica to create Emme Hair.  Many of her high profile guests travel to Vancouver from all over North America for her magic touch because her obsession with perfection ensures that her work is second to none. Maria has had professional training with some of the world's biggest names such as Hairdreams and celebrity hair guru Tokyo Stylez. She enjoys customizing the perfect look for each and every guest whether it's creating a luxurious wig or applying beautiful hair extensions strand by strand. If you are craving a change in hair volume or length, Maria is your girl!


 ASHTON, Master

Ashton, who was born in Regina Saskatchewan, brings a charm normally found only in the prairies and that is why her clients fall in love with her. She developed a love for hair as a child and moved to Vancouver to attend Suki's Academy. Her intense training cultivated her own natural talents making her an exceptional hairstylist.  Ashton definitely shines bright when colouring hair and she keeps on top of trends in order to maintain a competitive edge. She especially enjoys colouring hair and using hair extensions to create new looks. Her artistry and confidence have helped her transcend into a kick-ass hairstylist: exactly the kind of woman you would want on your dream-stylist-team!


EUNICE, Senior

Eunice graduated from Blanche Macdonald hair school and hit the ground running as soon as she entered the world of hairdressing.  She is extremely creative with hair colouring and continues to wow clients with her hair extension skills.  If you are looking for a major colour overhaul, Eunice is your girl!


LEILA, Senior

Starting with shaving her dad's head and attaching socks and barrettes to her grandma’s hair at the age of 7, and later turning her family's bathroom all colours of the rainbow, Leila dreamt of being a hairstylist. Wanting to be in a creative, ever expanding, and energizing career, she excelled at visual arts in school and went on to do creative programs trying to find the right fit. After years of different schooling and a little push, she finally decided to go to hair school! Leila was accepted into Blanche Macdonald's hair program, where she trained, competed in a competition, and started her life and dream job in the hair industry.  With four years in the industry, she has never stopped expanding her skills and knowledge. Focusing on and now specializing in colour and hair extensions, Leila is able to transform hair to give people the confidence they are looking for. Whether you've dreamt of having long luscious locks or a unicorn mane, she is able to turn you into the mermaid you've always imagined yourself to be.




Stephanie graduated from VCC's hair program and continues to strengthen her skills at Emme Hair.  She particularly enjoys doing Emme Strands and is a Tape-in queen!  Also, her specialty is "curly hair" so if you have curly hair and are looking to jazz up your look, meet with Stephanie!  Her sense of humour, welcoming approach and creative eye are what make her stand out from the crowd.




Our Juniors have a great foundation of skills and are working to perfect their artistry in all principle based haircut, hair coloUr and hair extension techniques. They demonstrate confidence behind the chair as they perfect their skills. At this point they are focused on gaining more and more experience while challenging themselves with advanced education through our salon.  Hairstylists at this level usually have 1-3 years of experience.



Our Seniors wow us with their dedication and drive. They strongly display their knowledge and competence in creative haircuts,  hair colour problem solving and hair extension application. Our hairstylists at this level demonstrate a strong commitment to ongoing education and are motivated to inspire their peers. Hairstylists at this level usually have 3-4 years of experience.



These hairstylists are the elite in their craft and have a large demand for their time behind the chair. They’ve put in the time, energy, and education necessary to earn their keep. They are phenomenal communicators who deliver advanced haircutting, hair colouring and hair extension techniques that are custom to each guest. At this point, there won’t be many haircutting or hair colouring challenges they haven’t faced. They are exceptional professionals who inspire their teammates, and empower their guests with their thoughtful recommendations.



These top level hairstylists have the most experience in our salon. They have outstanding skills and are considered not only artists, but leaders in our industry. With many years of advanced hair training and countless hours behind the chair, there is no hair challenge they won’t tackle.  They share their expert knowledge and serve as the backbone of the Emme Hair Academy training program. These hairstylists artistically guide the entire team as well as our clients through life altering hair transformations.