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Vancouver Hair Extensions


We've helped hundreds of women right here in Vancouver regain confidence by thickening their hair using our affordable and high-grade hair extensions.

Now, we want to help YOU!

From Our Problem to Our PASSION


Our cofounder Maria went through excessive hair loss after the birth of her baby. Yes, believe it! That is why we know firsthand how hair loss negatively affects your life.

Together, our cofounder sisters Maria and Veronica set out to create a solution for Maria's hair loss and from this experience, Emme Hair products and services were born. Maria's hair loss sparked their passion to help people look and feel beautiful.

At Emme Hair we are experts in hair makeovers. We offer a variety of hair solutions from hair color services to hair thickening and restoration. Our services will give you the hair of your dreams.

We will customize the perfect salon experience just for you while doing our best to work within your budget.

The first step in getting your dream hair is a free 15 minute consultation. In this meeting we will discuss your obstacles and hair goals then offer you a customized solution.

Some solutions may require ongoing maintenance while other solutions may only require one visit!

We pride ourselves in providing unmatched prices, skills, and value to each and every guest.


Emme hair changed my life! Before I met the wonderful ladies at Emme hair, I had absolutely no self confidence as my hair was thinning, and getting shorter after having my children. I absolutely love my Emme strands! I can style my hair, wear a hat or toque and have self confidence again. Thank you so much ladies!


Michelle Edwards Vancouver Hair Restoration

I was delighted when I was told my hair was perfect for their Emme hair strands! From the moment I walked into the salon in Langley, I was greeting with warmth, and felt instantly at home in a place I had never been to before. They were just as excited as I was when I got my extensions! They are extremely passionate about what they do and it shows with the care and effort they give every customer.


treatments for alopecia in vancouver

I am new to the Emme Hair family, and so happy to be a client here for the past 6 months. The atmosphere in this salon feels like walking into your best friends place to have a coffee with lots of fun, uplifting girl talk, but then happily walking out with the "just-rolled-out-of-bed-after-great-sex" type of hair, which just so happens how I want my hair looking every day.


My entire life, I was always embarrassed by my hair. My hair was limp, thin, life less and just a disaster. When I was young, I would hide my insecurities with butterfly clips and scrunchies. In dance class, I had fake hair pieces to continue to mask my “flaws.” Now I'm so pleased with the results of my Emme Hair extensions.


Chantals Hair Restoration In Vancouver
Treatment for hair loss from cancer

Hair Loss From Cancer

Hair loss may be one of the most distressing side effects of cancer treatment.

Hair loss, or alopecia, may make you feel vulnerable, self-conscious and exposed. Hair loss is also a tangible sign that your life has changed, which may trigger feelings of anger and depression.

At Emme Hair we offer a range of treatments and services to help you prepare for and deal with hair loss when it occurs.

treatment for hair loss from child birth

Hair Loss From Child Birth

Following pregnancy many women struggle with thinning hair, pattern baldness and sometimes complete hair loss.

It might be an underlying health issue, a hormonal change or something else completely.

At Emme Hair we've successfully helped hundreds of women to find a solution. We offer a range of treatments and services including our hair restoration system.

Michelle Edwards Vancouver Hair Restoration

Psoriasis Of The Scalp

While the causes of Psoriasis are still unclear, the condition is attributed to a malfunction of the immune system. It causes skin cell renewal at an accelerated rate, that leads to these cells ‘piling up’ upon one another.

The result is often a dry itchy scalp and thinning hair.

At Emme Hair we offer a range of services including treatments and extensions to give you back your confidence.

Amy Ts Hair Restoration

Treatments for Alopecia

Do you suffer with Alopecia? You’ve come to the right place!

Emme Hair has helped hundreds of women get back their confidence.

If you’re looking for a non-surgical Alopecia solution we can help. At Emme hair we offer a free consultation to first establish what you want to achieve. We can talk you through our recommended solutions and treatments. Our solutions are designed to work for all hair types and at several stages of hair loss.

Why People LOVE us...

Our Passion

We do what we do out of love and it shows! We are committed to helping you love your hair.

Our Skills

We are a team of experts that are highly skilled and well trained. We are proud and confident when we perform our services.

We are Ethical

We pride ourselves in providing high grade hair extensions that are ethically sourced and manufactured.

Ready To Learn More?


Ready To Learn More?