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Transform Your Look With Hair Extensions

Self-love is important. Enhance your beauty with ethical human hair extensions.  Shop our online store or book time with us at our salon Emme Hair.

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Emme Hair Extension Salon

Experience the Magic

A full service salon that specializes in hair extensions. 

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Minimal hair extensions with maximum results

Emme Hair Fillers


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Through high quality and ethical hair extensions, we transform hair dreams into reality.

Emme Hair Extensions are ethically sourced and manufactured.  They come in various types and in 9 gorgeous tones.  Emme Hair extensions will not shed or tangle as they are of the highest grade of donor human hair.

Emme Hair Inspires Women of All Ages, Shapes & Colours

Ethical Hair Extensions & Luxurious Salon Services

Hear From Women Just Like You

I originally came to this salon to get hair extensions and I had such an awesome experience. The team was super friendly and super knowledgeable. Very easy to get along. Now I come here to get my hair done. Ashton always does a stellar job. My hair looks great! She is the best!

Irene Young

I am new to the Emme Hair family, and so happy to be a client here for the past 6 months. The atmosphere in this salon feels like walking into your best friends place to have a coffee with lots of fun, uplifting girl talk, but then happily walking out with the "just-rolled-out-of-bed-after-great-sex" type of hair, which just so happens how I want my hair looking every day

Leila Lawrence

My Fiancée went by here and picked up some beautiful hair extensions. Apparently they were well priced for the length and quality. The best part was after the extensions were clipped and styled my fiancée left with a huge smile on her face. Anything that makes her this happy is well worth it. Thank you!

"The Fiancée"


Why so many women won't live without Emme Hair.

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Everything You Need To Know About Emme Hair Extensions

  • What is the hair quality like?

    Premium. Our Emme Hair's hair cuticles are all facing the same direction which means that it will not tangle and bunch. Our hair will not shed or tangle.

  • Has the hair been chemically processed?

    Our blondes have been gently lightened and then toned with a conditioning hair color. Our mid tones and dark colors have only been processed just once with a gentle toner.

  • What is the hair texture like?

    Hair texture ranges from straight to slightly wavy. Since our hair has had minimal chemical processing, the donor’s natural texture remains unaltered.

  • Where do your extensions come from?

    It is all European hair. Our hair is ethically sourced and manufactured in Europe. All our hair starts off as virgin hair.

  • What kind of hair is it?

    Their hair is ethically sourced and manufactured in Europe in a beautiful factory where the working conditions are clean and safe.

    The factory sources the hair from “hair brokers” who ethically purchase the hair directly from women in small towns all around Europe. Most of these women range from age 18 to 23 and are selling their hair in a fair exchange for currency.

    These women will often use the money they obtain from this transaction toward getting an education or seeking a career away from home.

    #emmebabe's especially love the beautiful exchange between our customers here who need the hair to feel empowered and the women out there who need the funds to advance in life.

  • Will hair extensions damage my hair?

    With proper application and thorough aftercare hair extensions will not damage your hair but please understand that natural wear and tear may occur.

  • Can I do a consultation and hair extension application in the same day?

    Yes, please book your appointment here or you can schedule a consultation appointment.