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Bright Blonde Clip-in Ponytail
Dark Black Clip-in Ponytail

Bright Blonde Clip-in Ponytail - Heavenly vibes

$250.00 CAD

Bright Blonde Clip-in Ponytail Hair Extensions

Colour: Bright Blonde

Type: Heavenly vibes

This tone is our brightest neutral blonde tone.  It is the perfect balance of gold and ash making it our most popular choice of all the blondes.

Our bright blonde clip-in ponytail hair extensions will have you feelin' Hollywood glam! Simply tie your own hair in a high ponytail then wrap our Ponytail Clip-in around your own ponytail and voila!  They can also be worn as a low ponytail or side ponytail. Many brides use them to add fullness to their special day hairstyle. The possibilities are endless!

Size of prongs: 1”x 0.5”

Number of Pieces: 1 piece 6" x 24"

Lengths: 24"

Model is wearing 24"  "Dark and stormy"

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Bright Blonde Clip-in Ponytail

Bright Blonde Clip-in Ponytail - Heavenly vibes

$250.00 CAD