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Blonde Clip-in Ponytail - Livin' the dream!
Blonde Clip-in Ponytail - Livin' the dream!

Blonde Clip-in Ponytail - Livin' the dream!

$250.00 CAD

Ponytail Clip-in Hair Extensions

Colour: Livin' the dream!                                                                                                  This bright bright golden blonde is sure to make you feel like you're on vacation laying on the beach!

Our Ponytail Clip-in Hair Extensions will have you feelin' Hollywood glam!  Simply tie your own hair in a high ponytail then wrap our Ponytail Clip-in around your own ponytail and voila!  They can also be worn as a low ponytail or side ponytail.  Many brides use them to add fullness to their special day hairstyle.  The possibilities are endless!

Size of prongs: 1”x 0.5”

Number of Pieces: 1 piece 6" x 24"

Lengths: 24"

Weight: 250g

Model is wearing 24"  "Dark and stormy"

Hair Extension FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Where do Emme Hair extensions come from?

Our hair is ethically sourced and manufactured in Europe.

What kind of hair is it?

100% human donor hair. All our hair starts off as virgin hair.

Has the hair been chemically processed?

In our factory, blonde tones are gently lightened and then toned with a conditioning hair colour. Our mid-tones and dark tones have only been processed with a gentle toner.

What is the hair texture like?

Hair texture ranges from straight to slightly wavy. Since our hair has had minimal chemical processing, the donor’s natural texture remains unaltered.

Can I order a specific texture?

Unfortunately you can not choose a specific texture when ordering.  In salon, we can show you all the ones we have in stock and you can choose your favourite!

What is the hair quality like?

Our hair extensions are of the highest quality of hair available on the market!  Hair cuticles are all intact and facing the same direction which means that the hair will not tangle and bunch. Our hair does not shed or tangle as well.

Can I heat style the hair extensions?

Yes, you can heat style Emme Hair extensions exactly how you style your own hair.  Don't forget to apply a heat protectant first!

Can the hair extensions be washed like normal?

Absolutely! Wash like normal with Kitoko sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner  (these are available in our salon and online store).  Please note that Clip-ins, Ponytails, and wigs do not need to be washed.

Can I go swimming in a pool and the ocean with my hair extensions?

Yes! Beware, just like natural hair, chlorine may change the colour of you hair extensions.

Can I air-dry my hair extensions?

We recommend that you thoroughly blow-dry and brush your hair extensions to prevent matting.

Which type of hair extension is right for me?

Book a free consultation with us for a detailed assessment.

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

With proper application and thorough aftercare hair extensions will not damage your hair but please understand that natural wear and tear may occur. 

How much will the hair extensions cost me?

Book a free 15 minute consultation with us and we can give you a detailed quote.

How many packs of hair will I need?

Book a free 15 minute consultation with us and we will assess your hair and let you know how many packs we recommend.

Which products should I use for my hair extensions?

You need to use Kitoko shampoo, conditioner and oil which are all available at our salon. We also recommend that you use a soft bristle detangling brush.

Will the hair extensions show if I tie my hair up?

Yes, they will most likely show if you wear your hair up. Please note, tying your hair up puts tension on the scalp and can cause damage.  A low pony is your new best friend!

Will my head be sore after the hair extension application?

Yes, your head will be sore and a bit itchy for a couple weeks after the application, this is totally normal.

I am in between 2 colours, which one should I go for?

There are 2 ways to go about this:
  1. Go for the lighter tone for a balayage effect.
  2. Go for both colours and do half and half for a more dimensional effect.

Will the hair extensions colour fade?

Yes, your hair extensions may fade over time.

Which lengths do you offer?

14", 16", 20" and 24".  Please note that each type comes in 2 or 3 of these lengths. 

Can I order other lengths?

Yes, a small special order fee will apply. 

Can I do a consultation and hair extension application in the same day?

Yes, we always have hair in stock.  Please book your appointment accordingly.

Can the hair extensions be coloured?

Yes, they can be coloured darker but not lighter as this would alter the quality of the hair extensions.

Can I remove the hair extensions myself?

We recommend that a trained professional always removes your hair extensions for you as this can cause damage to your hair if it's done incorrectly.

Can I return or exchange the hair extensions?

All sales are final

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Blonde Clip-in Ponytail - Livin' the dream!

Blonde Clip-in Ponytail - Livin' the dream!

$250.00 CAD